oh no - waterfall in the foyer!

well it was a peaceful afternoon - baby sleeping and I was doing some work on the computer while austin was playing and then I hear this splashing sound coming from the foyer area...i looked at Austin and said "what is that?" and run into the entryway - there is water pouring out of the can lighting and the smoke alarm?!? omg, right? In a slight panic I stand there dumbfounded then throw down a *clean* beach towel and run to the phone to call my husband...

He of course can't comprehend what i'm talking about at first...then he says - don't worry I'll be right home. in the meantime I find a small trash can and start collecting over a gallon of water and put all 4 *clean* beach towels down! Finally, after about 20 minutes the rain, i mean leak, stops.

Now...we are on the first floor of a condo / coach home. There are 4 college boys that live above us...we ring their doorbell (3 times) and they finally answer and act like they cannot even understand the words that are coming out of our mouths!

the conversation went something like this:
"uh, dude, we like just got home, I don't know if anything is leaking....or overflowing....um - do you want us to like go check or something and let you know??" How do you keep from responding something such as "No, you moron, move over and I will come in and check for myself!?" We suggest - did someone just take a shower or did you possibly have a keg, I mean toilet, overflow? their response: "um, i'm not sure, i just got home"

okay this conversation is obviously going nowhere....fyi: we are calling the association and they may be knocking on your door to check your shower drain!

fast forward 40 minutes, the fire / water restoration team is here -- the wall is obviously damp, hence the water spot on the wall as well as the ceiling - so I get 2 drying fans and a dehumidifier...it is yet to be determined if the drywall will need replaced.

Oh yeah and I'm supposed to hang out and wait for the frat boys to take another shower to determine the source of this leak....

fun times for sure!


Teaque said...

ok bright side: You don't own the place right?? No money on your part right?? Frat boys are slightly hot right?? LOL!

Brooke said...

Yuck! I cannot think of worse people to live below!!!