Join the Challenge...

I decided to join the challenge presented by Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio - the Improv(e) your Butt Challenge! I already cycle and run and try to do 2 long rides a week and have been slacking in the running department. I thought this might be a good way to get myself motivated. For every mile you log you get to add 1 piece of fabric to your Improv quilt. I have a few ideas I've been wanting to try - so maybe this will help me along.

You can particpate to by going to Jacquie's site and joining the Quilter's Butt team or join on your own on this site. You start in VA, and each mile you log takes your further across the United States, it is very fun! I have already logged my first 30 miles.


where's the fire?

Just finished packaging up this cutie shirt for a customer. Her little boy is wearing it on his 3rd birthday next month! I love all the detail in this shirt and different pieces.

In fact, my favorite part is how well the actual shirt compliments the fabrics and applique design! I am deciding whether to list a few of the designs on etsy for sale in custom sizes and similar fabrics....any thoughts? I usually use Old Navy t-shirts so I feel the sizing can be fairly universal if you shop there. Off to finish my train quilt - it is in flannels and it has been interesting quilting it versus stiffer quilting fabric.



here are some recent finishes in the last few months - i'm working on a firetruck shirt right now for a little boy's 3rd bday and doing a camera design for a photography friend. also turning my boyfriend jeans into 'girlfriend capri's' the wide leg just doesn't look good on me!
in the midst of quilting my little guys train quilt and should have pics of that soon! enjoy...