the Beach!!!

Austin patiently waiting for us as we drag his brother up the beach..

Some major eye candy today! Last week we went to the beach - very early one morning - around 7:00 am - low tide to look for shells. I think we hit the wrong beach because we didn't find anything spectacular, but we got some great pictures - and in the end - that is all that matters!
sandy toes and feet!

Ty-bear is pouting because he is tired and doesn't want to walk anymore so he just plopped down and threw a fit - gotta love those terrible 2's...

mr. determined

hunting for food

Mr. Crabs-- we thought it was a shell and dug this out instead!

running on the beach - low tide is great - everything is packed down!

austin and mommy!

ready to hunt shells!

another foggy picture! the lens fogged up when i took the cap off because of the cool weather so early! it made for a nice mask!

We are going to try shelling again this week (wed. or thurs.) and hit sanibel island - hope to get up and around a little earlier and find some better shells....i'll keep you posted!!

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