Welcome 2009

Happy New Year everyone,
I hope yours was lovely. We brought it in calm and steady but wishing for great things to come.

School starts again today - the break seemed so short, yet long and much needed. I, of course, didn't really do the things I thought I would. More lounging, sleeping in late, playing with the kids than much else. We have completely managed to disrupt our schedule by staying up late and sleeping in. In that sense I am ready to get back on a schedule of some type, yet also looking forward to spring and summer and sailing this year. I think austin is old enough to finally learn to start sailing a small boat by himself some which will be so exciting to watch and Tyler may be more manageable on the boat. They will both love swimming and it is bound to be easier to have them in the water this year. We have been going to the pool at the gym regularly over break and they are both really getting used to it and more comfortable in the water.

I have some big units on space and science i'm getting ready to do for school this month with a fieldtrip to the planetarium at the children's museum. It will be exciting and hopefully help winter go by a little faster!

i'm contemplating training / running a 1/2 marathon this spring. I have it narrowed down to 2 races or maybe both. Having a hard time finding the time to train so I need to nail that down in the next week or so and start progressing past the 3 mile mark!

okay - i'm ready for a crazy first day back...here we go