Camera's: Large or small?

Okay - here comes my great debate...i couldn't wait to have a nice, professional, 'large' camera to take fantastic pictures...ultimately saving us the time, trouble and money for needing professional pics taken of our kids...

so i got it, still don't know how to use all parts of it, but love it dearly. the problem, of course, is it is a huge pain to tote around in addition to 2 adventurous boys and all of their things. it doesn't easily fit into my purse and if it does it is ultra bulky. It just isn't great for toting around everyday to take those spontaneous 'shots' we all love to have.

so - the question is - do i go invest more money in a 'pocket' size camera that doesn't take as great of pics but is easier to take with me literally everywhere? now i'll have 2 sources i need to download and catalog - when believe me i have enough trouble with one! but, i'm likely to have more pictures to play with.

example at hand: i've been meaning to get pics of the kids at the pool...but it is a constant 95 degrees here daily - i really hate lugging the big nikon bag on the walk to the pool in addition to my beach bag, stroller, life jacket / noodles, oh yeah and my 6 year old on the bike. I'm also afraid of leaving it in the heat for the 1-2 hours we are there...probably not good for it? hence, no pics of florida yet!

okay - give me some feedback....maybe go really cheap on the pocket camera, but don't miss out on 'any' shots. then use the nikon when we are doubling up on the kids (i.e. doug and i can both be there) one to take the camera back home once we are done - or just carry the huge thing!

i know these are not 'really' problems....just thoughts rolling in my brain!

look out for the 'i dare you to do a summer mini-book' challenge coming soon.

love to all - s.

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Teaque said...

I am struggling with the exact same problem! I always want to take mine to water parks etc, but ya right! My friend has a waterproof - yes like go under water - digital camera from Olympus. I have seen her pics and they are really good, even the underwater ones. But some of the reviews online are not so hot. DO I just trust her experience and get one of those - they run abotu $180?? There is also a Canon that can go under water too, but it's way more expensive like $300. I think we can get a regular small yet really good digital for not too much, but might not be waterproof. I wouldn't go super cheap though - you won't use it b/c even though you can take it places it will be crap. I think for approx $200 you can get a decent one. If you come across something else let me know too. I have those same exact struggles - just about daily - oh and not to mention that I want a small video camera b/c I don't take my regular one with me anywhere (mostly b/c it's too much along with the big camera, but also b/c it's too much of a pain to get the videos off.) I debated on the FLIP but it's just another camera - so i want: waterproof, good digital, small, and video camera.. and for about $200 - ha! DREAMIN!