berber vs. carpet???

i know it has been forever....for those of you who might not know, we just moved to Florida about 10 days ago! A surprising, yet very exciting move....something we have talked about for a few years now, but finally the stars aligned and it seemed a perfect thing to do. Doug, is back in a field he loves and is passionate about and the boys and I are soaking up the sun and surf! I am continuing to get settled and get slowly back into the creating groove and still busy making cloth diapers for a great friend which you can find here.

I have been more into this facebook craze lately, leaving me little time to blog and fb....and keep up with my other favorite blogs...but i believe it is easier to post pics here and talk about creative things, so i'm trying to keep it going more regularly - and yes, i know i've said that before!

so, i am busy vacuuming right now -which is probably why i thought i'd do a blog post, i will do almost anything to keep away from cleaning! i'm pondering why i have more real estate to vacuum and why i have had to dump my bagless vacuum 2 times already from just our living area....did we turn into major pigs and slobs once we moved to Florida?? is it that much dirtier here than indiana?? or is it carpet versus the berber i had at home?? First off, we went from a 2-story to a large ranch style home...so i'm thinking i used to split up the first floor one day and the 2nd floor the next so it never seemed like much vacuuming....we have more 'open' space here as well. so i'm vacuuming the entire house all at once (more dirt) and omg this regular carpet thing sheds like a golden retriever would...holy carpet fuzz???

so cons of berber....it melts really quickly when you drop an iron on it, it isn't the softest carpet, sometimes lacks dimension (compared to the nice shag carpet). pros of berber....holds up really well, if you get a 'multi-color' blend everything from coffee, playdough, kool-aid, yogurt blends in rather nicely and there is no need to get the entire stain out - making life with kids really easy!

so far my cons of carpet - sheds like a 100-lb. golden, cream color shows stains ratehr easily (although none of ours yet), not sure on the wear and tear....pros - it is very cushiony and does add more a homey feeling....althought not as even as berber when installing 3 sets of ladder shelves next to each other....

okay - i know a rather odd and boring post, but we have to start somewhere right? sad, but true, i've only taken 2 pictures since being here....i promise - soon they will come...maybe another post about pros and cons of a massive nikon d80 versus a small pocket camera.....

comment if you would still like to read posts from me in the future! let me know you are out there!



Teaque said...

I'm here... I want to see pics of FL and the new house! But I know I can find you on the extremely addictive FB so I'm not concerned... I have really sucked up blogging as well. :)

Anonymous said...

of course...was shocked to see anything posted at all!