Too long....away

Hi Everyone,

It has been such a long time since I have posted anything. I must be honest I just haven't felt that creative lately in my writing and have lacked some of the creative energy I usually have. Late last fall I started sewing cloth diapers for a good friend of mine and her business. I have enjoyed it immensely and they are the cutest things ever and you can view them here. Nevertheless, this has been taking up my extra time for creativity and teaching preschool has zapped my energy!

I have decided to run a 1/2 marathon on May 16th in a local race. It will be nice not to have to travel to get to the race and spend the extra money on hotel, travel and food. Plus, I haven't done this one before as it is only the 2nd annual run so I'm excited for a new scenic run. You can read about it here! I have been spending my extra free time running and training for that. I've almost been talked into trying my hand at a sprint triathalon this summer as well. So, I have been spending some time in the pool trying to reaclimate my body to the water. Swimming is definately not a strong point for me ... not even close actually!

But, I'm trying to set some new goals and getting back to blogging is one of them. I have missed it ... I just haven't had much to say! I finally downloaded our Christmas pictures onto my new computer and I'm getting excited to start scrapbooking again and have a few other unique projects in mind for spring. Austin is starting soccer practice tonight and Doug's 2nd triathalon of the year is this Saturday! Full spring ahead!

I will share some pictures and hope to be back at regular blogging soon! I've missed you all!