the eve of eve

can you seriously believe it is almost here? i could be the worlds worst procrastinator at christmas. i have all of these great ideas on what i want to make everyone, etc...my thoughts are usually way bigger than my time and resources....and here i am rushing to get it all done. i think my problem is that I feel if i keep putting it off the christmas season will last longer....i love the joys of it all - the lights, the tree, the food, the ambiance and i want it too last forever....at least more than 3 1/2 weeks. but, here it is - faster than last year and it's going to be a late night!

we did get a gingerbread house made and decorated which is more than i can say for last year. and i made the boys their x-mas pj's instead of buying them - the crazy thing is - i think they are way cuter than any i've ever bought...i'm finishing the pants and then i'll take a pic and post - you can let me know what you think!

the beginning

the icing the decorating

finishing touches

i made 2 batches of cookies on sat / sun. and have 2 more to do tonight / tomorrow. i have the other food bought - ready to be put together tomorrow for christmas day - can't wait!! okay - so i'm still debating on the whole christmas card delimna. i usually love the process of sending them and this year it just never fit in with my schedule...probably because i couldn't get both kids to pose (together) at the x-mas tree farm and haven't had them looking good enough since to snap a decent shot....maybe new year's cards? as i've been getting them from friends i am remembering how great it is too see how the kids have changed each year and laugh at how much they look like mom / dad! so i think i'll have to find a way to get them out.

Tyler's are the ones on top / Austin's are on bottom

okay - just finished making choc. chip cookies to bake tomorrow and will do sugar cookies tomorrow and other stuff. i'm uploading the pics of gingerbread and pj's then back to the studio to work on gifts! happy happy day before the day before!


Snow Day

yesterday we had our first snow day at school....should i be worried that i was sort of upset and bummed as the teacher versus jumping up and down for a unexpected day off?? it was our last day to finish our mom gifts before the class x-mas party on friday. plus we were having evan's b-day party (which is always fun to have sugary treats at snack time!) i think i'm just one of the kids. so - i'm hoping this inch of ice covering all of our side roads is gone by tomorrow - i'll be so sad if we miss the last day - i had so many fun things planned! Our schools did a 2 hour delay again today so we will see. it is pretty gross out there!

we are making reindeer dust and reindeer cookies in class tomorrow (cross your fingers!) out of nutter butter cookies / m&m's / pretzels and chocolate chips - they should be fun and the kids absolutely love doing anything with food!

my friend came over yesterday to set me up knitting some wrist / hand warmers. I got the best yarn from another friend's stash and i'm very exciting to whip these things up (we'll see how fast the whipping part goes!) the thumb will definately be tricky and i'll need some major guidance...it's been quite a few years since i've picked up the knitting needles.

i'm trying to make an effort to get back to the gym today....hard in this dreadful weather. we are having an all-out baking day on saturday with my sister-in-law and the kids....cookies galore!


time with this

i'm going to be spending lots of time with this today:

i have been sewing cloth diapers for a fellow co-op mom / friend. you can view them here - i had no idea they had come so far. If i was just starting out with my kids I would totally invest....but my luck tyler would potty-train himself within 3 months of buying them --- maybe that isn't a bad thing! It has been really fun making them and i'm happy to be using my machine again.

my big guy likes to spend lots of time with these:

we are going to write a letter to santa and mail today -maybe i can finally get him to pick a 'few' things he really wants for christmas. if i get ambitious we will put together the gingerbread house!
i have a few gifts to finish making before x-mas. school is out this friday so i still have a few free days next week. we are supposed to get a few inches of snow today so i'm trying to get motivated to run my errands this am.


etsy is updated!

i spent a few hours yesterday updating my etsy store! so check it out. i realized after i took all the pictures that i should have shrunk the files - so i had to re-take some of them to fit. but i have added a few things and plan on adding some more tomorrow if i get a chance!

I also wanted to show you the thanksgiving craft we did at school ( a bit late i know!). also - notice our head-wear!

and here is the funniest picture of my little guy at my parents house over the holiday!

wish you were having one of these is this frigid weather? we went from 46 degrees when i got in the car this am to 16 degrees tonight...brrrr.....wouldn't a hot tub feel nice right now?



i finally downloaded some pictures off of the camera...we saw santa yesterday when we picked out our x-mas tree at dulls tree farm. all of the fir trees were picked over in the field - so we ended up picking out a frasier fir that was pre-cut. the wind was really bad making it feel so cold! after we picked out our tree we had some hot chocolate and played tic-tac-toe in the cabin and Austin saw santa - tyler wouldn't have anything to do with him this year! so much for a great christmas card picture!

I think they were exhausted after the christmas tree hunt and cold weather - at least it was a quiet drive home!

it's amazing how peaceful they look when they're asleep! especially when i know how hyper they'd been all day and week....i'm going to update etsy right now - i'll post when it's done!


Season of giving

We love Robeez shoes at our house for the little feet running around. I just received an email from them for their season of giving charity. For every Robeez e-card you send they donate $5.00 to Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) and the card is free to send! If you are out of time to send cards in the mail - try these via email and help a great charity! Click here for the link to the cards!

Promotions Galore!

Stampin up has announced their retiring stamp list for 2008 and is running a free shipping promotion for order over $70! What a deal - if you order by December 16th you should get delivery by Christmas. Anyone need a last minute gift for themself! Click here to see the retired list.

I cannot believe christmas is only 13 days away. I thought this year without running alm this time of year it would go so slow and i'd have so much time to get everything done.....wrong! I can say our house has been way more peaceful and joyous then years past. I enjoy every minute of cooking dinner and enjoying my afternoons and evenings with nothing to stress about. It is amazing what a schedule or routine can do for everyone! The baby naps everyday around the same time for 2-3 hours. I cherish that time and wonder how i did without it before!

Preschool has been keeping me very busy right now - probably the biggest excuse for time flying this month. We have been doing a ton of fun crafts in class - we decorated gingerbread houses today and the kids LOVED it - it was very cool to see what they created and the different designs. We are finishing our ornaments for mom's next monday / wednesday and having a fun class x-mas party on friday, our last day this year. I am excited to have a couple weeks off and finish my holiday gifts next week.

we haven't even started shopping for the boys - a bit lost at what to get them this year. I have gotten a couple shirts for austin and new pacifiers for tyler {the sad thing is he will love them!}. but no toys or fun stuff yet....planning that for next week.

i'm still without a computer during the day - and while i haven't completely adjusted to it - i am getting a lot more done around the house and in the craft room. it is awkward though when i go to look a recipe or something up quickly and the computer isn't there. what did we ever do before the internet??!!

we have a christmas party at school tomorrow and then off to the tree farm to cut down our tree. It seems like we are getting one really late this year. i'm contemplating getting a small, artificial tree when they go on sale to put in our loft or play room to put up after thanksgiving for the kids.

i hope to take lots of pictures tomorrow and actually have time to download / upload them. I'm also planning to update my etsy store this weekend. Happy holidays!


so sick

i have such good intentions of posting pictures and blogging since thanksgiving....not having a computer at home all day is putting a cramp in my style....although it's amazing how much 'other' stuff i get done when i'm not tempted to email and surf all day! i'm up early preparing for class - and thought i'd sneak a quick post. everyone at our house has been sick for about a month now. when i thought everyone was healthy, tyler got a bad cold and then eye infection. austin followed with his own cold and then very first ear infection and doug had a touch of the flu for a day. i *think* everyone is on the mend and feeling better finally. Austin missed school monday and wednesday - so is excited to go back today and i'm excited for the week to be over!

The extra cold weather is giving the boys major cabin fever and i'm just cold! i was out of coffee for about 4 days and had to breakdown and go buy a cup at mama bears yesterday at 4:30 ish (nuts, huh) and then to the store to actually buy a pound. With everyone sick I just couldn't make it out to get any....i'm pretty sure i won't run out again this winter - i'm stocking up! i'm also eating vitamin c gummies like nuts and washing my hands like i have ocd. germs stay away from me - i do not want any more illness...i cleaned the house yesterday and lysol'd it down!

I have some great pics on my camera....i will try to post them this weekend if possible. i'm also trying to add some new things to the etsy shop...i'll let you know - crazy - only 20 days until christmas! i have to get some things done and fast!!!