reveal and remnants

This quilt started with a flannel remnant. To say that my youngest son is obsessed with trains is an understatement. He absolutely loves them. As soon as he saw this he had to have it! Then came the question of what to do with it. He already has a train pillowcase that I made, but not a train quilt. I thought the pattern was a little busy for the front, so it is actually the back.

I usually only work with flannel when I make long pajama pants for wintertime (not really needed in Florida) but my older guy likes them anyway. So, sewing a quilt with flannel was new for me. I also received the walking foot for my Bernina machine for my birthday at the end of June. We were on holiday up north (Illinois) until mid-July visiting my family, so I've just now gotten to test it out....this has been a long time coming!! The last fuller size princess quilt I made for Project Linus had a lot of puckers and i was so disappointed in the quilting...I knew a walking foot would make a huge difference. I went with a simple straight line pattern from corner to corner creating a diamond shape. There are 2 small puckers on the back which could have been from lack of over-basting, but i'm so pleased with it otherwise.

I must admit binding is becoming one of my favorite parts of quilting....is that so wrong? I love picking it out, cutting it, mitering it and sewing it on - another excuse to use the walking foot as well. I also admit I do not do any handsewing....the few quilts i have look terrible...I just don't have the hand or patience for a perfect hand-sewn blind stitch. Machine sewing looks much better than my hand-i-work. I found the best tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts. It is very clear and concise and it works perfectly - I started my first binding at 2.5" width and realized quickly that was too wide for me. I narrowed it to 2 3/8" and have done this on my last 5-6 projects and finally narrowed it to 2.25" for this quilt and I think it will be perfect - it is an art to make the binding the right width for your personal sewing style.

I have 1/2 of the binding pinned and just need to finish and sew the back down...the rest of the quilt reveal will be tomorrow!

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pbs said...

It looks great. Can't wait to see the entire finished project.