Pillowcase & French Seams

I have had intentions of taking pictures and posting since the beginning of last week. But, school started as well as my new, very early and longer hours at work and with the longer parent pick-up lines full of anxious parents my free time was limited.

A last minute project I had before my little guy started preschool was to make a pillowcase for his 'travel size' pillow for nap time at school. I have made pillowcases before, but really wanted french seams on the inside and I had wanted to do the trim between main body and cuff - I finally found a super easy tutorial from Film in the Fridge and adjusted it for a toddler size pillow - we used a 'travel size' pillow from Target - so this would be perfect for car trips as well.

Sometimes when fudging my own pattern I forget to write down measurements, etc. This time I remebered and wrote down the sizes....if you are interested leave me a comment and I will give the measurements for this size pillow. It turned out fabulous and he loves it!
I *heart* french seams and have been dreaming of more ways to use them....I'll show you another one soon!

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