a couple finishes and a new stash to start

I finished quilting 2 of the place mats I have been working on over the weekend. They are gifts I've been trying to finish up. It has been fun because they are 12"x18" and the perfect small size to practice different types of quilting on. I also thought it'd be fun if the set of 4 had different quilting on each mat. The first one is just straight line quilting.

This one I decided to do some organic quilting on. I hadn't done this before, although I'd contemplated it on a bigger quilt. This was a nice small way to figure out if i liked it. I do love just being able to sew any.which.way.you.want with no rules or lines to follow. That also pretty much sums up the type of person I am. Not a leader nor a follower. I don't like conformity much, go out of my way to be something different and unique. I also don't like others following me or my lead...I like for others to also do their own thing, much like the random, free spirited lines. also a good reason i like modern quilting - with little measured cutting or rules to follow - just piece it together, however you want!

Here is a little part of my stash I pulled out and I'm finally ready to cut into it. I think I've figured out what I want to do with it and can't wait to start on it!

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