what a week

if you have been wondering what happened to me this past week - i'm here to tell you! you know the domino effect when everything is either good or bad and all at the same time?! We first had colds at our house, then the stomach flu, then my dad was here for surgery (which i couldn't be at because of the stomach flu) and when i thought we were all better .... Tyler got a bad cough and started wheezing. I had to take him to the dr. last thursday and found out he was having bronchial spasms and had to be put on breathing treatments 4 times a day. Most of you may have experience with this or not think too much of it...but Austin has NEVER been on an antibiotic and only had 1 dr. visit outside of his wellness checks and that was fingernail related! We have been SO VERY lucky with him that Tyler's issue is something new for us! Then, to top it all off my computer crashed, probably for it's last time....and of course I hadn't backed up everything i needed for 08 taxes and had 2 folders of pictures i hadn't burned or uploaded to shutterfly yet.....of course!

but, good news is - dad is out of the hospital, on his way home today and doing fairly well considering the surgery. Tyler is slowly adjusting to his treatments and seems to be doing better. I'm in my 3rd week at school and things are going really well.

We had a class coffee last night so the parents and teacher could be on the same page and I feel really good about it. I wanted to make sure everyone knew how excited I am to be experiencing this chapter in my life...how I am meant to learn from these children and them from me. How being part of a co-op is hard work, but the best gift you can give your children and yourself. How you have the power to change things and make them the best they can be.

now lets talk about thanksgiving!!! can anyone believe it is just 9 days away and christmas is close behind? wow! but i'm so thrilled to be part of it this year with my family, not to be rushing to the post office 5 minutes before close every day. I am doing cookie exchanges, christmas parties, handmade gifts, loving every minute of christmas traffic, soaking up the twinkling lights and watching it happen through my kids eyes. I am going to love EVERY minute of it!

I would close with some pictures, but ... they are on my not so trusty laptop. Maybe tomorrow if i can get some taken! We are making the cutest centerpiece in class this week for our 3rd annual thanksgiving feast and I will most definately have pictures of it to share.

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