Does this mean it's winter?

Everyone, but Doug is sick at our house...we are all grumbling about the weather change and already discouraged about sick season. I'm making appointments for flu shots today and looking for a good multi-vitamin for everyone! I think the worse thing is when your kids are sick and so are you. No one wants to take care of anyone! Tyler has had this mild, random vomiting since sat. night and was still cranky and lethargic all day yesterday. I got a milder version all day yesterday and Austin is in and out of it too. I hate wasting 3 days to being sick, now i'm feeling behind on my school lessons and lacking energy at that. So, I am up extra early cutting out some sheriff / firechief badges for the kids to decorate today. Oh, and I still have the cold /cough i had all last week.

i'm off to get ready for school, my other computer is acting up as well...but i'm going to try to have some fun pictures soon!

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