Well, I survived my first week as a preschool teacher. I knew I would and it is funny how the things you are worried about aren't a problem and the things you thought would be a breeze create the chaos! I thought I wouldn't have enough to fill the time and it turns out I don't have enough time to get through everything i want! Transitions are a little more chaotic right now than I imagined, but all in all I love it and think it went really well. I am expecting even more adjustment after next week. The kids are great and it is exciting to get to know each of their personalities a little better.

We ended up having quite the busy week with the election excitement on Tuesday and then Thursday we had a field trip at school which is usually our day off. Amazon Jon came to school and brought his jungle animals. The kids of course loved it and he tried to add in some adult humor as well. The presentation really was good and very kid friendly. I'll attach some pictures of Austin and his wild animals. I had the kids journal about the experience today and it was neat to hear there recaps.

We are headed to a cookout tonight and I'm headed to a friends birthday party tomorrow (yippee!) have a good weekend!

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