A peek inside my Studio

I thought it might be fun to show you a little peek into my studio. I was taking some pictures this past weekend, and it was fairly clean, so a good time to snap some shots! Here is an overall view of the room with my sewing area and cutting table. In our home in Indiana I had turquoise walls, which I miss dearly. This is way bland for my taste, but it works for now!

A different view including my window overlooking the canal.

Some Scrapbooking Supplies / Stash

A jar with my leftover bindings / triangles left

My many colors of thread for appliqueing and the left-over spools...I don't have anything else to fill this jar just yet, and it's somewhat rewarding to know how much you've sewn and used your beloved machine!
Lots o' ribbon for crafting

And that's the tour! As my number of quilting projects grows I may need to find a new way of organizing. Believe it or not my fabric stash is limited to 1 large metal basket housed in our laundry room shelving. I have 1 small bag on the floor inside my cutting table where i throw my scraps. I have only made a handful of quilts (less than 10) so i don't have a need to color sort scraps or organize them further at this point. It has taken much willpower to keep my stash at this level...as you can tell my scrapbooking hobby didn't include the same willpower! I am living the motto 'less is more' and using what i have, as hard as it is!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I especially like your low profile observation table (aka train table) - useful for overflow projects right? at least when the junior engineers are napping! You have such darling containers! And I got a kick at the emptied spool collection - what a sense of accomplishment! Probably better than making notches on the sewing machine or table when each quilt or project is completed :) Thanks for sharing the joy! And yes, less is more! Less eating out, less accumulating, more making the most of what we have!! In Joy!!

Teaque said...

I'm so glad to see this -been wondering what your place looked like. I have always loved that island you are using too. Just yesterday we went to IKEA and I got everything I need for my scrapbook/school room -CAN NOT WAIT to set it all up. We are so close to having our basement finished. Thanks for sharing pics!

PBS said...

You need to come back home to organize my new area for me. I still have 6 shelves I haven't placed yet. Better hide that fabric stach or some of it may end back up in IL!

sara said...

Glynis - thanks for all of your so sweet comments! I'm so glad to know you are getting some inspiration and movitivation from my blog- it makes me so happy i'm posting! I can't wait to see your placemats - i know they will be wonderful!
teaque- i can't wait to see your room!!!