1+1 = 2

I finished another set of placemats to add to my mom and grandma's collection I'm making them. They already have 1 apiece and now they have 2!

They each have the same theme of fabric, but I thought it'd be fun to try different quilting on each of the 4 mats. The brown theme is my mom's and the first one had quilted square on it.

This one is my grandma's where i tried organic quilting this time....must say that i *loved* it - no boundaries and so fast! Her first mat had random circles intersecting each other (I just traced a bowl with chalk and went for it with the circles!)
4 more to go!


pbs said...

I love the new ones you have finished. Can't wait to bring it home.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! I'm inspired! Just lamented to Penny at sewtakeahike about my 9 year old fabric stash and have been wondering what to do with it as I am determined to use it, join her on the fab diet, and then look forward to the golden new as you called it - these are perrrffeecccttt! Beautiful! I'm also joining you on the scrapbook and crafting diet, using what I've got before I obtain any more! Thanks for sharing!