so sick

i have such good intentions of posting pictures and blogging since thanksgiving....not having a computer at home all day is putting a cramp in my style....although it's amazing how much 'other' stuff i get done when i'm not tempted to email and surf all day! i'm up early preparing for class - and thought i'd sneak a quick post. everyone at our house has been sick for about a month now. when i thought everyone was healthy, tyler got a bad cold and then eye infection. austin followed with his own cold and then very first ear infection and doug had a touch of the flu for a day. i *think* everyone is on the mend and feeling better finally. Austin missed school monday and wednesday - so is excited to go back today and i'm excited for the week to be over!

The extra cold weather is giving the boys major cabin fever and i'm just cold! i was out of coffee for about 4 days and had to breakdown and go buy a cup at mama bears yesterday at 4:30 ish (nuts, huh) and then to the store to actually buy a pound. With everyone sick I just couldn't make it out to get any....i'm pretty sure i won't run out again this winter - i'm stocking up! i'm also eating vitamin c gummies like nuts and washing my hands like i have ocd. germs stay away from me - i do not want any more illness...i cleaned the house yesterday and lysol'd it down!

I have some great pics on my camera....i will try to post them this weekend if possible. i'm also trying to add some new things to the etsy shop...i'll let you know - crazy - only 20 days until christmas! i have to get some things done and fast!!!

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