Promotions Galore!

Stampin up has announced their retiring stamp list for 2008 and is running a free shipping promotion for order over $70! What a deal - if you order by December 16th you should get delivery by Christmas. Anyone need a last minute gift for themself! Click here to see the retired list.

I cannot believe christmas is only 13 days away. I thought this year without running alm this time of year it would go so slow and i'd have so much time to get everything done.....wrong! I can say our house has been way more peaceful and joyous then years past. I enjoy every minute of cooking dinner and enjoying my afternoons and evenings with nothing to stress about. It is amazing what a schedule or routine can do for everyone! The baby naps everyday around the same time for 2-3 hours. I cherish that time and wonder how i did without it before!

Preschool has been keeping me very busy right now - probably the biggest excuse for time flying this month. We have been doing a ton of fun crafts in class - we decorated gingerbread houses today and the kids LOVED it - it was very cool to see what they created and the different designs. We are finishing our ornaments for mom's next monday / wednesday and having a fun class x-mas party on friday, our last day this year. I am excited to have a couple weeks off and finish my holiday gifts next week.

we haven't even started shopping for the boys - a bit lost at what to get them this year. I have gotten a couple shirts for austin and new pacifiers for tyler {the sad thing is he will love them!}. but no toys or fun stuff yet....planning that for next week.

i'm still without a computer during the day - and while i haven't completely adjusted to it - i am getting a lot more done around the house and in the craft room. it is awkward though when i go to look a recipe or something up quickly and the computer isn't there. what did we ever do before the internet??!!

we have a christmas party at school tomorrow and then off to the tree farm to cut down our tree. It seems like we are getting one really late this year. i'm contemplating getting a small, artificial tree when they go on sale to put in our loft or play room to put up after thanksgiving for the kids.

i hope to take lots of pictures tomorrow and actually have time to download / upload them. I'm also planning to update my etsy store this weekend. Happy holidays!

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