love to quilt...

here is a sneak peek at the quilting on the rocketboy quilt....it all started with a little square in a square..
here is square number 2 up close.

i love to straight line quilt with my awesome walking foot!

another view -

i think i just finished debating how to finish the small top portion and then the larger bottom portion - overall the quilting has gone fairly fast - i think i started about 3 days ago, but my quilting spurts are short and limited. A sick child at home today helped me get in a good couple hours. hoping to finish over the holiday weekend!


pbs said...

Looks great. I love it and so will Austin.

Anonymous said...

Sara, you've been busy sewing and even got in some travel with your honey! Well done! Your placemats still inspire me, and the rocket boy quilt is phenomenal! Well Done!