where's the fire?

Just finished packaging up this cutie shirt for a customer. Her little boy is wearing it on his 3rd birthday next month! I love all the detail in this shirt and different pieces.

In fact, my favorite part is how well the actual shirt compliments the fabrics and applique design! I am deciding whether to list a few of the designs on etsy for sale in custom sizes and similar fabrics....any thoughts? I usually use Old Navy t-shirts so I feel the sizing can be fairly universal if you shop there. Off to finish my train quilt - it is in flannels and it has been interesting quilting it versus stiffer quilting fabric.

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Teaque said...

I love these shirts! How much are you selling them for? I'm thinking it would fun for my kids to have matching PJ's (ie. t-shirts and shorts) since finding a 3T girl and a size 7 boy matchy match is nearly impossible... I think the guitar is what they would like the most. So... one little shirt one medium shirt...how much dinero??