Peace, Love & .......

I have been working on a few new projects in the new year. My friend karin asked if i could help her make a custom baby gift, and of course, if you know me well - then you know this sparked tons of imagination for me and the ideas came so fast I couldn't catch up with them... Thanks to her it led me to doing a few other things that have been sitting on the back burner in the right side of my brain!

Here is a shot of my first custom adult applique shirt - modern style.
Peace, Love & Wool

Peace, Love & ......... what would yours say??? I will show you what mine says in a week or so!

I also finished my blocks for Cancer is Sew done, in the nick of time. I met my February 1st deadline a week early! They were fun and easy to make once I found the extra time to do them. I am making 2 child size quilts for Project Linus and will use 2-3 of the friendship blocks in these quilts also.

The top one is from Amy Butler's 'I love Lotus' fabric line and because I ran my deadline so short I didn't have a chance to go get some solids to add in, so i put all of the patterns together - this wasn't my first choice and I don't think i would ever do it for an entire quilt - but it did grow on me. The 2nd block is from the 'everyday is christmas' group and i little more in favor of my modern taste - i like the pink thrown in with the xmas fabric.

I have spent a few days reflecting on where sewing has taken me in my life. I was introduced to it at a very young age by my Aunt who had 3 boys and no girls. She and my Uncle were always hand-making me things and their youngest son was 9 years older than me, so I would say i was definately spoiled by them. I have very fond memories of Strawberry Shortcake dollhouses, a giant rocking giraffe, handmade barbie clothes and doll clothes. The best hand-painted doll chest for my 'American Girl' doll and clothes to go with. My 2 sons play with many of these items today (among their loads of trucks, legos, trains and all-boys toys!). She taught me how to sew and gave me the fabric and tools i needed to construct my first quilt with 4" square blocks when I was probably 8 or 9 years old. I still have that quilt and dabbled in and out of sewing during the years but never 'really' getting into it until after my first son was born.

Suddenly I felt the need to create again and began reading and researching everything sewing i could get my hands on. I borrowed, then bought my own machine and took it up again. Most of you know where that took me and I founded and owned a custom sewing company for 4 years until I sold it. I began sewing for myself again and started thinking of what I was really passionate about - learning the art of quilting. Then I began sewing cloth diapers for a good friend. I have been doing that for about a year and a half now and have enjoyed every minute of creating the delicate pieces. I just learned a few days ago, very sadly, that she has decided to close up shop. Such a hard decision that many small business owners, especially in the craft and hobby, sector, and much WAHM businesses (work at home mom's) have to contemplate. The art of balancing raising children and working from home is almost impossible to achieve for the wages you make. I will be sad to sew my last 60 cloth diapers but am excited at where my sewing will go next.

After almost 6 years of constant sewing, I have finally realized I am somewhat of an expert in certain areas of sewing. It's funny to think that and really crazy to say it out-loud. But, I am a very good, detailed seamstress. By absolutely no means does this mean that I never rip out seams, or make mistakes, but my work is exceptional. I've spent many years learning, researching, trying new things and finding my niches and growing in my abilities - just as anyone else would in their full-time job. I can't wait to explore the next area and start creating my own quilts and putting my ideas on paper. I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me!


Karin said...

You are definitely an extremely talented seamstress & crafter!! I hope to learn from you, and you have definitely have sparked an interest in me to become more "crafty!"

Anonymous said...

Well said.