Victory at last!!!!

It is a small miracle, but I have finally finished an entire book - and it only took a few months - this is probably the first entire book I have managed to complete in a year and a half - or at least one that I remember! It's truly amazing how after child number 2, being a work at home mom that there is zero time left for reading anything other than a blog entry or magazine article...but i'm proud to say I finally finished this book!

Yes, the movie - and I will admit I saw the movie first and then read the book...but I already have #2 in the series which i hope to finish this decade!

We are back from a wonderful spring break (I'll post those pics in a later post) back to school, routine is good, and awaiting Tyler's 2nd birthday this Easter Sunday. I couldn't resist making him a bunny cake - who knows when I'll get the chance again! I also read a very moving blog post which you can find here. If you read my blog you'll realize I've sent you here before for insight into life, love and being brave. She can often materialize the words that are hard for me to form or share.

I will leave you with a quick 2 pictures of my growing boys! Soccer season starts this weekend. I only have 39 days left to train for this 1/2 marathon that i signed up for. And the weather if finally improving on a somewhat consistent basis!

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